TE 15
  • Unwinding of the material with calendar driven by a variable speed motor.
  • Decurler for materials on paper base.
  • Slitting by circular shear knives.
  • Retrieval rewind shaft for the unused width of the parent stock.
  • Cross-cutting blades have a self-sharpening scissor action; they do not require setting when changing thickness or type of material being cut.
  • Digitally operated pre-selectction of cross-cutting length.
  • Delivery table with antistatic bar and air blower to facilitate stacking of the sheets.
  • A wide range of options are available with this highly reliable machine: jumbo roll unwinding units, expanding air shafts, lift-in facility for the reel, self-lowering table.

Automatic Sheeter BS 1500

effective width of web:
max. 1500 mm
max. diameter of web:
max. 325 mm
internal diameter of rewinding core:
70-76 mm,
special dimensions on request
width slit:
minimum 10 mm and up
sheet length:
4-1000 mm or 1700 mm max.
slitting system:
blade cut
slitting blades:
speed of slitting:
12-40 sheets/min.
power unit:
adjustable gear motor
0,37 kW speed, continously adjustable
  • de-ionisation system to eliminate static charging on web
  • automatic stacking system for sheets
  • Slitting by circular shear knives.
  • automatic tension control
  • pneumatic expansion unwinding shaft